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Boilers might be one of the least understood household fixtures.  Many people are either mystified by boilers or think that they are dangerous.  While boilers do require specialized knowledge to service them, today’s modern boilers are very safe with proper care and service.  From preventative maintenance work to boiler installation services, or repair and testing, the expert boiler technicians at Benjamin Franklin Duluth get the job done right everytime.

Duluth homeowners count on Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Duluth for Boiler Repair and year-round preventative maintenance services to keep their home or business’s boiler working safely and economically. If you are looking for a new boiler, the expert boiler technicians at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Duluth will be happy to walk you through boiler installation process and help you pick out a new boiler to meet your home or business’s needs. From hot water boilers to high-pressure steam boilers, and high-efficiency gas boilers, there are many options to choose from.

Some Typical Maintenance Procedures for Boilers:

  • Reviewing the feed water
  • Performing a fireside inspection
  • Reviewing the chemical feed system
  • Inspecting boiler internals and operation
  • Monitoring the condensate return process Inspecting the monitoring equipment
  • Examining the blowdown control system
  • Checking the state of the boiler’s vent connection pipe and chimney. Parts of the boiler’s venting system may deteriorate over time. A chimney problem can sometimes be costly to repair.  In some cases, it might make more sense to install a new boiler that doesn’t use the existing chimney
  • Checking the physical integrity of the boiler’s heat exchanger. A leaking boiler heat exchanger will need to be fixed
  • Adjusting the controls of the boiler to provide optimal water and air temperature settings for efficiency and comfort.
  • Performing combustion efficiency tests to measure how effective and efficient the boiler is performing
  • Cleaning the heat exchanger

Benjamin Franklin Duluth is Better Business Bureau Certified for Great Customer Service

In Duluth, Benjamin Franklin Boiler Installation and Treatment is well known for our employees’ plumbing expertise, friendly customer service, and dedication to promptness. Benjamin Franklin Boiler Service has served the Duluth area since 1994 and is a Better Business Bureau boiler service plumber. We take pride in our work for the Duluth community.

Trusty Boiler Service at an Honest Price for Duluth, MN

Benjamin Franklin Boiler Maintenance Duluth provides boiler services that leave our customers 100% satisfied and secure. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers Boiler Repair Duluth homeowners depend on because we back it up with our service guarantees:

  • Excellent Quality Work: You do not want your boiler serviced by a novice.  All of our Boiler technicians are experienced experts who know how to safely and effectively work on boilers.  Benjamin Franklin boiler installations and repairs come with a one-year guarantee, minimum.
  • Straightforward Written Quotes: We don’t need to hide any fees and you will always know the cost of your repair or service before any work begins.
  • Respect and Cleanliness:  We won’t tramp mud or snow into your home or business and we always clean up when the job is complete.
  • Promptness is a Given. Benjamin Franklin offers the best on-time guarantee in the plumbing industry. “If there’s any delay, it’s you we pay.®” We PAY YOU $5.00 per each minute late up to $300.00.

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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Duluth offers residential boiler service for the cities of Superior, Cloquet, and the surrounding areas as well. 

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