Sewer and Drain Cleaning Duluth
Sewer and Drain Cleaning Duluth, MN

Are multiple showers or sinks in your home running slowly? Are your home’s toilets getting regularly clogged? You might need sewer or drain cleaning. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides sewer and drain cleaning Duluth residents can count on to restore health and function to their home’s plumbing system. Do not turn to chemical drain cleaners; they can damage pipes!

Call us and we’ll be there quickly to find the problem and fix it fast! Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Duluth drain cleaning and sewer clean-out diagnostics steps include: running a drain auger through the problem areas to get rid of any clogs. We also use small cameras to inspect pipes from the inside and determine exactly where the problem lies.

If the clogged area is outside of the home, we’ll locate the sewer, clean out and attack the clog from there. In many older homes, tree roots may eventually invade the sewer line; the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Plumbers have fixes for any situation.

It is no wonder that drains and sewers eventually get clogged. Daily activities like washing dishes and showering release bar soap, hair, grease, oil, and toothpaste, which cause buildup and clogs in drains and sewer lines.

While it pays to be careful about what you send down the drain, most homes will at some point need sewer and drain cleaning services to get the plumbing running correctly. Want to try fixing the clog yourself? First, try using a plunger on the clogged drain or toilet.

If that does not work, next, use a straightened coat hanger or a drain auger on the clogged pipe. If neither of these solutions solve the issue, call a Benjamin Franklin plumber!

  • Health Hazard: If there is water coming up through sink or shower drains when the toilets is flushed, there could be dirty wastewater backing up into your home. Get this inspected immediately!
  • Never attempt to plunge a sink or toilet after using chemical drain cleaner. It could splash on you and cause chemical burns

We are the Plumber Duluth Trusts

When you need your sewer or drain cleaned, Benjamin Franklin Duluth, makes sure to do a great job and provide friendly customer service. Benjamin Franklin Duluth is a Better Business Bureau accredited sewer and drain plumbing company.

Professional Plumbing At A Fair Price

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Duluth provides sewer and drain cleaning residents can depend on for sanitation and function.
  • No hidden fees. We are straightforward about pricing; what you see is what you get.
  • Professional and experienced plumbers. You do not want a novice fooling around with your home’s plumbing. All Benjamin Franklin Duluth plumbers are experienced experts.
  • No messes left behind when the sewer and drain cleaning job is done. We cleanup after our work.
  • No waiting – ”If there’s any delay, it’s you we pay.®” We PAY YOU $5.00 per each minute late up to $300.00.

For the most dependable sewer and drain cleaning & repair, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Duluth today at (218) 279-5309 or request an appointment.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Duluth offers sewer and drain cleaning services for the cities of Superior, Cloquet, and the surrounding areas as well. 

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